Points standings after Round Four of the 2001 MSA British Drag Racing Championship

MSA British Drag Racing Championship

DriverNat.Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4TotalPosition
TMD 1 Rob TurnerGBR116117118784291
TMD 3 Doug BondGBR7796551153432
TMD 2 Dave WilsonGBR987854973273
TMD 193Darryl BradfordGBR05576541854
TMD 258Lindsay DeucharGBR.1097761835
TMD 215Wendy BakerGBR.5454.1086
TMFC 9 Stephanie MilamGBR10.1053737
TMFC 274Doug RipleyGB..1054648

Please note: Under European Economic Community (EEC) law, all citizens of member countries of the EEC are considered to be citizens of every country. This means that it would be illegal to refuse non-British members of the EEC entry to the British Championship.