Points standings after Final round of the 2003 MSA British Drag Racing Championship

2003 MSA British Drag Racing Championship

DriverNat.Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5TotalPosition
TMD 2Dave WilsonGB98118118 1184521
TMFC 271Stephanie MilamGB765576117974212
TMD 3Rob TurnerGB11754117  2883
TMFC 274Doug RipleyGB7576 76 2274
TMD 4Doug BondGB 97 98 1955
TMFC 666Paul WrattenGB       

DNQ - did not qualify
A blank field indicates the racer did not enter this meeting

Please note: Under European Economic Community (EEC) law, all citizens of member countries of the EEC are considered to be citizens of every country. This means that it would be illegal to refuse non-British members of the EEC entry to the British Championship.


10 points are awarded for passing scrutineering and attempting at least one qualifying run.

Qualifying positions earn points as follows:

1st		8
2nd		7
3rd		6
4th		5
5-6th		4
7-8th		3
9-12th		2
13-16th		1

Points for eliminations are awarded as follows:

Winner			       100
Runner-up	 		80
Semi-final loser		60
Quarter-final loser		40
Eighth-final loser		20