Final points standing for the 1997 RAC MSA British Drag Racing Championship

Please note: Under European Economic Community (EEC) law, all citizens of member countries of the EEC are considered to be citizens of every country. This means that it would be illegal to refuse non-British members of the EEC entry to the British Championship. That is why you will notice Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Swiss racers have competed.

NameNatRace No.Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4TotalPosition
Santa PodSanta PodSanta PodSanta Pod
Rob TurnerGBTAD 2269654118743421
Peter BeckCHTAD 3138118362902
Fay FischerGBTAD 219545375522343
Peter SchoferDTAD 229971142114
Dave WilsonGBTAD 2317774522035
Micke KageradSTAFC 275931686
Doug BondGBTAD 2335396101597
Tony BakerGBTAFC 21577511288
Alex JoonNLTAFC 874321069
Jarmo RoivasSFTAFC 242989810
Leif HelanderSTAFC 756338911
Smax SmithGBTAD 23955318612
Andy HillGBTAD 235535313
Kari EskelinenSFTAD 4373714
Leif AndreassonSTAFC 10353515
Dan LarsenDKTAFC 6323216