Final Points standing for the 1998 RAC MSA British Drag Racing Championship

Please note: Under European Economic Community (EEC) law, all citizens of member countries of the EEC are considered to be citizens of every country. This means that it would be illegal to refuse non-British members of the EEC entry to the British Championship. That is why you will notice Dutch and Swiss racers have competed.

  • Due to the rain and flooding, the first round was cancelled. All entrants got 10 points for attending
  • RAC MSA British Top Alcohol Championship - Final points standings

    DriverNat.Round 1Round 2TotalPosition
    TAD 226 Rob Turner
    TAD 8 Dave Wilson
    GB 087 872
    TAD 219 Fay Fischer
    GB1076 863
    TAD 233 Doug Bond
    GB1065 754
    TAD 3 Peter Beck
    CH10 0 10=5
    TAFC 8 Alex Joon
    NL10 0 10=5
    TAFC 2 Mikael Kagerad
    S10 0 10=5
    TAFC 220Deszoe Krivan
    CH10 0 10=5
    TAD 239 Smax Smith
    GB10 0 10=5